If you are working as an expat in The Netherlands, it can be profitable to fill in the Dutch income tax return by a specialized Dutch tax adviser. It is important that you use all the tax deductions and credits in your situation. I can also inform you about the 30% ruling for expats, the international tax treaties, and the special fiscal arrangements for international civil servants, working for  example in the NATO, ESTEC.

My services include:

  • Dutch income tax return Migration (M-form);
  • Dutch income tax return if you are a non-resident taxpayer (C-form);
  • Dutch income tax return if you are a resident taxpayer (P-form);
  • Dutch tax return for death duties;
  • Applying for the 30 percent ruling;
  • Tax advisor for business clients (bookkeeping, VAT tax return, corporate income tax return);
  • Applying for the several fiscal child benefits in the Netherlands;
  • Applications and monitoring your Dutch tax assessments;
  • Liaisons with the Dutch tax authorities.

My rate per hour is EUR 100 for a migration situation, and EUR 80 per hour for other situations (including VAT). In difficult cases it could be different and a rate of EUR 125 per hour (including VAT) is applicable. 

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A meeting by TEAMS is possible! 

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